We all have to deal with conflicts…

CommFlictApp aids communication in preventing and  resolving conflicts based on the  RRA-method: Recognise, Reflect, Act. The name CommFlictApp is derived from the words communication and conflict.

RRA, a proven communication method:

CommFlictApp is based on the Assertiveness and conflict resolution course: Recognise, Reflect, Act (RRA) developed by Jurgen Martin Johann Toonen, assertiveness crisis counselor. Based on 25 years of experience with crisis counseling he developed an assertiveness method that is quick and effective in both resolving and dealing with conflicts as well as preventing them.

The RRA-method has only three phases which makes it easy to remember and to use when you need to direct someone to which phase they are in, in a conflict that is either developing or evolving.

The need for a fast applicable conflict resolving method:

The reason for developing this method was that there was need for an easy hands on method. Many other methods were often too complex or not overseeable. 5-11 steps is not as easy to remember and applicable as only three. When you are in crisis you need fast and simple applicable tools.  The quicker you resolve a conflict the less chance you have for further escalation.

Another added bonus using the Commflictapp is that it does address underlying problems such as projection, self esteem and self value issues. The normal methods didn’t address them deeply and thoroughly enough or sometimes not at all. The reason was that they didn’t want to get too therapeutic, even though the cause of conflicts are for 80% due to these deeper layer issues.

They provided some techniques but those weren’t really applicable because the underlying cause was preventing it from being really effective. It is like following a diet without looking at the self esteem trouble that causes emotional eating. CommFlictApp is built on discovering and revealing these sources, showing what role they play in the current conflict and how to deal with them. Therefore it is not just an assertiveness course but also a personal developer. There are personal developer tools in it, such as a false guilt dissolver.

A person developer, discover yourself and the other:

This app is designed and specialised in discovering and developing yourself, who you really are, how to communicate about your real self and to discover who the other is.

My experience is that about 80% of the conflicts, either pending, evolving or actually happening, can resolve very quickly. The rest are what is called complex conflicts and will take more time. And of course some conflicts never resolve, mainly because one of the parties involved is just refusing to resolve it due to various reasons.  The RRA-Method also shows how to deal with this.

Relationship and healthy communication benchmark:

That is also one of the reasons why it contains a relationship benchmark guidelines on what a healthy relationship looks like combined with healthy communication. This benchmark is also added into the course because many victims of narcissists are often very insecure and don’t know what a healthy relationship and the communication needed to achieve that, looks like. This app will help them to develop a sound and healthy social environment.

Always directly available tool with every conflict:

Often when a conflict occurs we are alone and in need of some good advise support and help. CommFlictApp provides in this need for support as it is always, everywhere and directly available. All you have to do is to get out your phone or tablet.

Also a general communication and assertiveness course:

Besides as conflict resolution method, CommFlictApp is also usable as a course. Either with guidance, like a mentor/teacher/supervisor. Or through study on your own. It develops, shapes and trains your communication and assertiveness skills.

And a reference source:

Most important definitions, principles, processes, techniques, skills regarding conflict resolution are easy to find. Due to an easy 3-phase method these are also comprehensible in the process.

Last but not least cost saving:

CommFlictApp is available for only 1.99 euro (dollar 2.33) excluding vat. Communication and assertiveness courses often cost hundreds of Euros or Dollars sometimes even more and you have to travel to attend them. For a specialized method like this, this is a very profitable deal.