Assertiveness crisis counselor for more then 25 years:

On an independent and voluntary base I have been active in counseling and communication for more then 25 years . To help the needy and the lesser needy,  a group of skillful advisors/supporters assist me in this work .  Since 2014 we are called “The Forwarded Lighthouse”.


The Forwarded Lightouse


“CommFlictApp”: RRA conflict resolution method:

Circumstances specialised me in crisis counseling. Therefore I have developed and customised my own method called RRA: Recognise, Reflect, Act. Part of this optimised method is a conflict resolution communication course: “Assertiveness and Conflict Resolution “.  The CommFlictApp is derived from it,  so this method will be available to a wider public.

Hopefully it’s useful and it will benefit you, your personal and professional relationships.

Don’t hesitate to contact us in case you have a question or need support:
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Yours sincerely,

Jurgen Toonen