Conflict resolution 3-Phase method: Recognise Reflect Act (RRA).

Communication Conflict Resoltuion using Recognise Reflect Act

What can CommFlictApp do for you?

  • first of all a pro-active conflict resolving app for both prevention and resolution.
  • using a simple 3-phase method: Recognise, Reflect, Act (RRA).
  • always and everywhere available as a hands on communication conflict resolution tool.
    CommFlictApp is directly there to help you out with every conflict any time, any where.
  • also discover who you really are and  who the other person is.
  • while developing yourself as a person, CommFlictApp also develops and  improves your relationships.
  • for instance with training and improving your awareness, assertiveness and communication skills.
  • furthermore with a benchmark for healthy relationships and healthy communication.
  • and also very usefull as a general communication and assertiveness course.
  •  and finally a communication refence source.
  • Share in after care
  • Being assertive
  • unravelling issues
  • face to face sometimes aint easy
  • The right support is important
  • CommFlictApp Descending Peace Dove
  • You attitude matters a lot
  • Emotions speak
  • The balance
  • chose the right media